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Our student branch is dedicated to offer students in the region a mixed program complementing their education. Our program consists of various events including, but not limited to:

All events are organized by ourselves and we are always looking for helping hands. Organizing such events is fun on one hand, on the other hand you can improve your soft skills.

Addttionally we participate in the networks described on Our Networks.

Social Events

The intention of social events is to allow to meet with peers sharing similiar interests as you may have. Get togethers such as game evenings, Christmas parties, Stammtische, etc. are examples of such events. We invite all interested people to join and have a good time.


We organize workshops to allow participants to interactively learn about various topics. Workshops may be dedicated to foster theoretical skills, but may also include hands on events. Workshops may be held by ourselves or we invite external partners to hold offer a workshop.


Presentations are, like workshops, intended to foster theoretical skills. We invite speakers to share their knowledge on interesting and hot topics. We may invite external presenters or do presentations ourselves. If you have something interesting to share or would like to improve your presentation skills, let us know. We are always looking for new presentations.


For presentations or workshops we invite external people to come to us. Whenever this is not possible or not suitable, we go to them! Excursion include visiting companies, museums, research laboratories, what ever interests us. 

Company Talks

Once students graduate, they usually start looking for a job. Companies, which hire, look for new employes and would like to introduce themselves. That’s what company talks are for – to bring together future employes and employers. Companies present themselves and show what they have to offer while students get to know potential future employers.

Could we raise your interest? Why don’t you join and become active today?

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