Teleporting into the virtual world

Dear technology and science enthusiasts,

after a couple of years of inactivity, the IEEE student branch of Klagenfurt is back, and is here to stay.

We would like to invite you to our event “Teleporting into the virtual world” which is going to be held in the middle of the next month.

Event description:

  • Interactive drone demonstration
  • Virtual football match against our champion
  • Networking (*incl. drinks and snacks)


  • Date: Friday 15 July, 2022
  • Time: 17.00
  • Location: Lakeside park B04.1.03

Let us know that you are coming?

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Alle technologie- und forschungsbegeisterte,

nach ein paar inaktiven Jahren ist die IEEE student branch Klagenfurt wieder zurück. Und zwar um zu bleiben.

Hiermit möchten wir euch zu unserem ersten Event: “Teleporting into the virtual world”  einladen, welches Mitte Juli stattfinden wird.


  • Interaktive Drohnen-Demonstration
  • Virtuelles Fußballspiel gegen unseren “Virtual-champion”
  • Networking (*inkl. Getränke und Snacks)


  • Datum: Freitag 15 Juli 2022
  • Uhrzeit: 17:00
  • Ort: Lakeside park B04.1.03

Lass uns wissen, dass du teilnimmst:


Swarm robotics

The IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt is glad to invite you to a talk about Swarm Robotics! You don’t know what we are talking about? Read the description below! 🙂
We look forward to seeing you on 23rd of November at 17:00 in room I.1.04!

In swarm robotics a large number of mostly simple robots are coordinated to achieve a common, emerging behavior. The respective algorithms are hard to design because of the difficulty of predicting the behavior of a group of interacting agents. Moreover, designing a swarm robot is difficult, because the requirements for a single robot cannot be derived easily from the desired global behavior. In this talk we describe how we tackle these challenges and present the swarm robot Spiderino, which is made by the integration of a toy robot, a 3D-printed structure, a microcontroller and several sensors. Programming the robot can be done directly or via evolving the robot’s behavior using an evolutionary algorithm.

Semester Opening Game Night 3. Mar

Dear Students and Colleagues,

the IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt is opening the summer semester of 2016 with the traditional Game Night. Participants can play with modern game consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, and Wii, retro arcade game as well. As usual, beer and pizza will be provided. Moreover, we have a nice price for the best player of 1coin Metal Slug challenge 😉 

Date: 18:00 on 3rd March, 2016
Location: Lakeside Labs (Lakeside Park B04b, 1st floor)

Please come and have fun with us!

For further information, please check our Facebook Event.

Student Paper Contest

Dear students,

The IEEE Student Branch is organizing a student paper contest.
Deadline is December 10 (hard). To participate, please send your paper (maximum 6 pages, two-column style) to

The contest is open to all students of this university, not only technical students. However, the paper topics need to be related to a technical content.

The best paper will be nominated for the IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest.

IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest is for IEEE R8 student members or graduate student members who have not yet started their PhD. Professors-mentors and other associates can not be SPC authors (but their names could be acknowledged in the FINAL versions of the papers). Each student author must be a member of an IEEE Student Branch at the time of the original submission of the paper to the Branch Contest, and a member (student or not) of the IEEE at the time of the R8 Oral Finals presentation. The work presented has to be completed before the student receives the engineering degree that entitles her/him to start preparing a doctoral thesis. The submission of the paper to the Region 8 SPC must be completed within 12 months after graduation. A doctoral thesis is not considered. Published work is excluded from the Contest.

Klagenfurt meets Robots: EU Robotics Week at AAU Klagenfurt

The IEEE Student Branch organizes from 23 to 27 November, a networking event for all those who deal with robotics or look forward to do so.

Numerous research projects at the Alpen-Adria University, the Lakeside Science & Technology Park, in the Lakeside Labs GmbH and in the laboratories of Joanneum Research are dealing with robotics. IEEE Student Branch is now organizing a multi-day event, where different Robotics groups present their research and invite the audience to explore the fascinating development going on in their research labs. Part of the program also provides the computer science workshop at the Institute for Informatics Didactics, which is aimed at school pupils.

The workshop concludes on 27 November with a robotics competition: participants in 14 teams will build their own Lego robots and program them to solve the given task in the most efficient manner. The participants will be divided into the Junior League (under 18 years) and Senior League (over 18 years. The winners of the Junior League will eventually compete against the winners of the Senior League. The award ceremony will take place from 16:00 clock on Friday 27 of November.

If you would like to participate in the competition, please register here:

Details of the program and team registration portal to follow shortly.

Robotics Competition: Assembling Lego Robots and problem solving for task completion
(Lakeside Park B01)
Informatik-Werkstatt for  School Kids by Institute for Informatics Didactics  (E.2.69)
Award and closing ceremony with snacks and drinks
(Lakeside Park B01)
Robotics @ Joanneum: Presentation
(B04, Lakeside Labs seminar Room)
Robotics @ Pervasive computing: Presentation(B04, Lakeside Labs seminar Room)
Robotics @ Control of Networked Systems: Presentation
(B04, Lakeside Labs seminar Room)
Robotics @ Mobile Systems: Presentation
(B04, Lakeside Labs seminar Room)
Robotics @ Joanneum: Open Lab
(Joanneum Research B08)
Robotics @ Pervasive Computing: Open Lab
(NES B02)
TED talks and discussion about Control of Networked Systems
(B04, Lakeside Labs seminar Room)
Robotics @ Mobile Systems: Open Lab
(NES B02)

IEEEXtreme 2015

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Hiking & GeoCaching Tour

We are going for a little hiking tour in the neighbourhood. We will also hide our own “IEEE GeoCache” on the way and register it on in order to make this modern and healthy game more popular among students.

The tour starts at 9:00 on 4th June, 2015.

Meeting point is at the main entrance of the university.

Please wear comfortable shoes and don’t forget your GPS devices!

Continue reading Hiking & GeoCaching Tour

SageMath – Solve your tough math problems easily with open-source software

Our next event in frame of our Scientific Series will be a very useful talk given by Prof. Clemens Heuberger about SageMath which is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It is a really handy tool for solving mathematical problems. Solving your math-related tasks will be child’s play after this talk 😉
Come and learn how to use it.

As usual, some snacks and drinks will be provided by the IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt so you can have a relaxed discussion after the talk.

WHAT: Talk about SageMath

WHERE: Lakeside Park B04a L4.1.01 (Seminar Room)

WHEN: 5th May, 2015 @ 18:30