Functional programming

The IEEE Student Branch is glad to invite you for an introductive lesson about the functional programming paradigm.
Traditional programming languages like C, Java, C# are designed to follow the imperative paradigm. In the imperative world, programmers describe in detail the steps that the processor must follow to accomplish a certain goal.In the functional paradigm, the programmer formulates the problem in terms of functions to be executed.
The benefits of such paradigm is a fast code generation, easier maintenance, high parallelism, and free proofs of soundness and correctness of the algorithms.
Examples of successful applications includes the chat management of Facebook and Whatsapp. Also companies like T-Mobile, Qualcomm and Tesla Motors heavily use functional code in their programs.
Are you interested in learning why and how all these good things come in a programming language?
If you don’t have plans for the evening of April 6th, join us in I.1.12 from 17:00, we have a program for you 😉