Swarm robotics

The IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt is glad to invite you to a talk about Swarm Robotics! You don’t know what we are talking about? Read the description below! 🙂
We look forward to seeing you on 23rd of November at 17:00 in room I.1.04!

In swarm robotics a large number of mostly simple robots are coordinated to achieve a common, emerging behavior. The respective algorithms are hard to design because of the difficulty of predicting the behavior of a group of interacting agents. Moreover, designing a swarm robot is difficult, because the requirements for a single robot cannot be derived easily from the desired global behavior. In this talk we describe how we tackle these challenges and present the swarm robot Spiderino, which is made by the integration of a toy robot, a 3D-printed structure, a microcontroller and several sensors. Programming the robot can be done directly or via evolving the robot’s behavior using an evolutionary algorithm.