Scientific Series

The IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt hosts its "Scientific Series" Workshops. Writing reports or Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD theses makes up a substantial part of student life. Writing is a learning by doing process and a lot of experience and knowledge is gained while doing so.
It helps to get hints on how to improve working with reports and theses. The Student Branch Klagenfurt provides the possibility of sharing experiences on how to better handle reports and theses.
All these workshops are given by students and are intended for students. Whoever wants to share knowledge about scientific life is welcome.

IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of three IEEE Student members compete in a 24-hour time span to solve a set of programming problems. The Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt and the IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt will host 7 programming teams this year which will compete in IEEE Xtreme 2016 from October 22, 02:00 AM until October 23, 02:00 AM.


We wish all contestants a successful and exciting event!

Our next event in frame of our Scientific Series will be a very useful talk given by Prof. Clemens Heuberger about SageMath which is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It is a really handy tool for solving mathematical problems. Solving your math-related tasks will be child's play after this talk ;)
Come and learn how to use it.

As usual, some snacks and drinks will be provided by the IEEE Student Branch Klagenfurt so you can have a relaxed discussion

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Come and visit our twin events where you can learn how to create computer games. Interactive talks will be given by Lukas Knoch and Alexander Kopper. Bring your laptops and gain some hands-on experience by following the step-by-step tutorials included in the talks.

The first talk is about game development with libGDX. [Link to Facebook Event]

WHEN: 13 April, 17:00

WHERE: Hörsaal C

In order to get your laptops prepared for following the talk, please install some required software by

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This time we promote a talk that fits nicely into the scientific series even though it is not organized by us.
Not matter how interesting it is what you are talking about just by the way you present it you can easily ruin your success.

Create Inspiring Talks
by Martina Umlauf

Mittwoch, 24.Sept. 15:00

Lakeside Labs
Lakeside Park B04b/1.St

Do you hate the feeling that the audience seems bored when you give a talk - even though you followed all the "rules" out there on how to give a good talk

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