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To get some more impressions from this year's CEUsBC you may check out the Youtube Video:

In our three part series “Scientific Writing” we cover aspects of writing, creating good looking plots, and generating meaningful graphs from data. In the first event John Brown pointed out mistakes commonly made by non-native speakers when writing scientific documents. The second talk “Writing Beautiful Documents with LaTeX” by Alessandro Crismani gave a brief introduction to TikZ. The talk was motivated by a common problem when writing documents in LaTeX: How does one get the figures to have

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The IEEE Region 8 SAC team now announced the winners of the Regional Website Contest 2013. We did not win, but it was fun participating. It is also interesting to get ideas how to make a fancy IEEE student branch webpage.

After challenging evaluation process, the SAC team decided to honour the follwoing three as best websites:

These are:
- 1st place: ISCTE-IUL Student Branch (Portugal) http://ieee-iscteiul.org/
- 2nd place: IEEE AAST Alex Student Branch (Egypt) www.ieeeaast.org
- 3rd place

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Join us for some BBQ!
We will enjoy nice weather (hopefully) and good company (for sure!) together with some drinks and food.
The barbeque will take place in front of E.1.Q. on June 6. at 7 pm.

You already know you are coming - great!
Let us know, so that we make sure we won't run out of supplies!

Fancy thesis? - it's easy with Latex - for text and figures.

Within this workshop we see how latex can be used to do nice graphics. First, we address standard ways to include graphics. Second, we tackle more sophisticated ways to depict simulation data. For example we will see how one can use latex fonts and font size in figures, independent of figure size.

This specific introduction and hints can improve your Bachelor's, Master's or PhD thesis.

This workshop will take place on
June 6th, 2013,

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