The IEEE SB Klagenfurt visited LAM Research in Villach. LAM Research is a leader in manufacturing semiconductor processing equipment. In its Villach based lab and production plant the company researches and builds machines to clean wafers. For three hours the SB was able to take a look behind the doors and experience the machines in live.

LAM’s location in Villach was added to the portfolio having bought SEZ, a small startup from Bleiberg, Villach, in 2008. SEZ was specialized in producing cleaning equipment for the production of wafers. After a brief presentation about the history of LAM Research and its product portfolio, the SB got the chance to visit the training lab where customers and LAM employees are taught how to handle chemicals used during the wafer cleaning process. The participants learned about the cleaning process and the various steps which are required. You may get some impressions from looking at the picture gallery:


All pictures are the courtesy of Ádám Erdélyi. The excursion to LAM research was a big success. We are looking forward to more excursions to come.

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