Central European Student Branch Congress

The CEuSBC is held every two years and brings together Student Branches from all over Europe. Last time it was organized by the IEEE Student Branch Opole in 2013.


Austria Section The Austria Section is our next higher organization within the IEEE. We meet twice a year with the other officers of the Austria Section. Every year the Section organizes the General Assembly where all IEEE members in Austria are invited for updates concerning the Section and its sub-organizations and a dinner.
IEEE Region 8 Student and Young Professional Congress The Region 8 Student and Young Professional Congress brings together Student Branches from the whole Region 8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East). Held every two years and the next congress will be in 2016.
IEEE Student Branches Region 8 (PDF)  All IEEE Student Branches in Region 8.
IEEE Student Branch Linz  The IEEE Student Branch at the JKU Linz.
IEEE Student Branch Graz  The IEEE Student Branch at the TU Graz.
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