Our Student Branch celebrated the winners of our first Student Paper Contest, the excellent results achieved at the IEEE Xtreme Programmming Competition 7.0, and itself for winning the Austria Section Most Active Student Branch Award.

One December 4th the Student Branch Klagenfurt invited for its Christmas Party to join at the Tellerrand. About 25 people followed our invitation to spend a joyful evening. Johannes Klinglmayr, vice chair, led through the program. Torsten Andre, chair, started with a brief overview of the Student Branch’s short, but intense history. Afterwards, the excellent performance of our teams at the IEEE Xtreme Programming Challenge was honored before awarding Andreas Berger winning the Branch’s first Student Paper Contest. At the end of the official program, Andreas presented his paper. With drinks and snacks we celebrated the Branch’s first year and are looking forward to Christmas.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas, joyful holidays, and a happy New Year. For 2014 we already some new ideas. Stay tuned and see you next year.

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