Create Inspiring Talks

This time we promote a talk that fits nicely into the scientific series even though it is not organized by us.
Not matter how interesting it is what you are talking about just by the way you present it you can easily ruin your success.

Create Inspiring Talks
by Martina Umlauf

Mittwoch, 24.Sept. 15:00

Lakeside Labs
Lakeside Park B04b/1.St

Do you hate the feeling that the audience seems bored when you give a talk – even though you followed all the “rules” out there on how to give a good talk and prepare good slides? Do you realize that, depending on the situation, some of those rules can actually do more harm than good if you blindly follow them?

This talk will give you advice on how to improve what you’re already doing. We will focus on talk preparation from an audience- and situation-based perspective and re-evaluate the most common rules for the setting of a conference talk.

You will:
-) learn about the cognitive and visual capabilities of your audience and the implications that follow for preparing your talk and slides,
-) get tips on how to improve your confidence and ease nervousness with body posture and breathing exercises
-) receive some general advice that is applicable to non-conference talks

This talk is for:
-) anybody who wants to improve their talks
-) young researchers who do not yet have a lot of speaking experience
-) advisors and designers of slide templates