During our Student Branches General Assembly new officers have been elected and a new officer has been created.

After a brief review of the past year by myself, Manfred reported on the Branch’ finances. Before Wilfried took over to guide through the election process, I proposed to create a new officer for our branch. The position Webofficer was created by comment consent. Our constitution has been edited accordingly.

Johannes, previous Vice Chair and founding member, unfortunately cannot continue his office because he is no longer an IEEE Student Member. Johannes successfully defended his PhD and is now working in Linz. We thank him for his valuable contributions to the Branch and wish his him all the best for his future. I refrained from running as chair again. It was a great experience and I had the pleasure to work with my fellow officers on this incredible project and I wouldn’t mind at all to continue serving as Chair. But I also believe that new officers mean new ideas. I believe that our Student Branch still has to proof itself. While the first year was – at least in my opinion – a quite successful one, I wish for the Branch to continue for the years to come. So this can only be accomplished by not having ever the same people volunteering for officers. So let me introduce our new officers:

  • Chair: Manfred Pöchacker, who previously was our reliable treasurer, now continues the Branch’s work and brings a lot of experience with him from the last year.
  • Vice-Chair: Wasif Masood, who previously was our secretary, also continues to serve as officer in the Branch.
  • Treasurer: Ekaterina Peshkova. I’m especially glad that not only men serve as officers.
  • Secretary: Ádám Erdélyi, who you might know from running the Branch’s Facebook page.
  • Webofficer: Micha Rappaport, who continues to maintain the website, but now in official capacity.

I wish the new officers a terrific start and am looking forward to the new exciting program I’m sure they will organize.

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